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Эта реклама не предлагает секс услуги Салоны

*We are Matahari and we have new concept of massage - read below*We are certified therapists for sport/relax and tantric massages.

Эта реклама не предлагает какие-либо услуги сексуального характера, поэтому, пожалуйста, не запрашивайте такого типа услуги.

Matahari salon

Per Ekströms väg
16851 Stockholm


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*We are Matahari and we have new concept of massage - read below*

We are certified therapists for sport/relax and tantric massages.
During our years of practice we created our own ⚜️Matahari massage
concept⚜️ consisted of:

⚜️ Full understanding and good communication with my client (man, woman,
⚜️ High standard of tantric massage and technique
⚜️ Unforgettable atmosphere
⚜️ Mental release
⚜️ Surprising yourself how your body can react on pressure points

During our session therapist will explain you what tantric massage is
about, how to use your respiration to reach almost meditation stage and
anything you will be interested about this beautiful work. We are staying
in warm and cozy studio suitable for sessions.

*So let's enjoy and try with us:*
60 min (for 1500)
90 min (for 1850)
120 min (for 2150)
150 min (for 2700)

Longer sessions also possible. Recommended time is 90 min to learn you
breathing technique. Also are prepared nonalcoholic drinks and small
refreshments for you.

*Enjoy little bit more😇:*
✔️ Matahari spa procedure - therapist and our homemade body scrub is ready
to care for your body in shower (300)

✔️ Prostate - enjoy the feeling of man's G spot (400)
✔️ Foot job - The technique of foot job involves rubbing the body, erogenous zones and intimate areas by using the feet. ( for 300)

✔️ Dominant massage - do you like to feel woman's dominance and energy?
This type of massage is created just for you. (light BDSM 400, hard BDSM 800)

Tantra learning changed our lives. We want to show you the power of it 😇.

☎️ Reach the therapist via sms/call, WhatsApp or Viber: +46 70 099 56 73

❌We just mention that tantric massage is NOT sexual service. We have never
done it and never will. Everyone who will ask about sex etc. will be not

🔜 Soon will be available our website, where you can find more information
and our story.
We are so happy to announce you that Matahari team is ready to spread the
joy and love in Sweden!


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