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The tantra masters are simply wild flowers, they have everything in them. .. OSHO

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BERKANA Tantra Sky Temple

На данный момент находится в Göteborg


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💠💠💠💠 This week 19.-26.4.:💠💠💠💠
Seeing how amazingly awakened is surface of your skin and also how your whole body is being ready for receiving sensations after my special shower scrub,
this week I have prepared an offer for you (see below)!


I'm so excited to announce that after couple of weeks I'm back here in Gothenburg.

I have spent a wonderful time here in February, full of genuine connecting and mutual deep interactions with you..
I feel tremendously thankful and charged and I truly can't wait to meet all of you, and spend an amazing time together again❤️

I feel fresh full of love and pure feminine energy which I want der to give to you during our sessions this time.

I am staying here as an individual and independent therapist, so feel free to contact me directly via call or text messages +46 722880587

We will arrange the best suitting form for your appointment together.

A little about me.
My wish is to return the sense of happines into people’s lifes by sharing experiences, healing qualities, knowledge and conscious touching.
So far I had the honour to work with clients in Stockholm's region.
I'm excited to bring my enthusiasm and energy to this beautiful city
with an intention to cocreate a sacred athmosphare of the Sky Temple.

My tantric journey has been the most beautiful blessing I've ever received. Speaking of which, I wanted to shed some light on how people generally misunderstand the importance of tantra philosophy.

My treatment and massage has a subtle yet profound influence on all the systems of the body, as it encourages and supports the body's own healing powers. It naturally helps to overcome stress, depression and enjoy a deep relaxation.

At the beginning of the session there are two shivering energies, at the end, there is one circle – not two.Real Tantra is not a technique, but love. It is not a technique, but a prayer. It is not aimed at the head, but at the relaxation inside of your heart. It's something like meditation.

I'm not only going to conciously touch your body, I'm going to cherish and heal also your heart and soul. The conscious touching is just amazing for everybody who wants to achieve an experience of being well in his body and mind in the present moment.

Welcome to my sacred space of universal love and initiation.

With love, Berkana ❤️

My certificates , skills and holistic techniques which I'm using during my sessions :
🔸Tantra Massage and Bodywork Professional Training
- School of Love Art J. Komeda/Prague
🔸Tantric Breathing Bodywork&meditation
- Pushan Govind and Adhiraj Plevris/Italy
🔸Access Bars and Access Facelift Therapy
- Access Consciousness Mgr. Umay Yamuna Wolf
🔸Chinese Energetic Massage
Hawai Lomi Lomi and Tahuna massage
- Dexter Academy/Czech Republic
🔸Adjuvedic and Indian head Massage
- Londonsmassageschool/UK
🔸Shiatsu therapy
- Minalt - Grigor Minasjan
🔸Yoga For Busy Professionals
- OfCourse Be-a Education Ltd.
🔸Sport and Relaxing Massage professional training
- INPROV Massage School/Czech Republic

(for booking call or text: +46 722880587 I'm using also WhatsApp)

💠💠💠💠💠 This week 19.-26.4.💠💠💠💠💠

💠90 min tantra massage
+shower together, scrub skin energising
+ body to body
+ king's lingam 2500 SEK
(Standard 3400 SEK)

💠120 min tantra massage
+ shower together, scrub skin energizing
+ body to body
+ king’s lingam 3000 SEK
(Standard 3900 SEK)

✅Client’s favourite✅

🌹60 min tantra massage
+ body to body
+ taste of NURU
+ king's lingam 2000 SEK
(standard price 3200)
🌹90 min tantra massage
+ body to body
+ taste of NURU
+ king's lingam 2500 SEK
(standard price 3600)
🌹120 min tantra massage
+ body to body
+ taste of NURU
+ king's lingam 3000 SEK
(standard price 4100)

Of course you can chose by yourself also:
Start from here...

🌼60 min tantra massage 1500 SEK
🌼90 min tantra massage 1900 SEK

(longer treatments: each 30 min 500 SEK)

A SPA ritual where I will tune in with you and will wash away all the stress and daily routine... will energise your skin and whole body using my homemade scrub and pampering you under the warm water.

🔥BDSM (600 SEK)
Why the dark fantazies are the missing piece of sacred sexuality?
Now you have an opportunity to get the answer:
In this session you are engaged in contract based on trust and intimacy.
The idea is not to suffer but to consciously and carefully play with your mind, the pain and pleasure thereshold and your orgasm controll.
Intensity can be light or on the edge depending on what we both desire. I can find ways to take you to the very limit of pleasure and pain that you can tollerate.

On deeper levels It can transform power into love, fears into excitement, resistance into surrender, guilt into pleasure, so that you can fully relax and allow all the supressed and denied energy to expand throughout your body.

Did you know that every man has an area in his body that is same or even more erogenous than the penis? Yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is laying there waiting to be awakened and stimulated. Experience the kind of internal orgasm you have never felt before.
This massage is also known for its very positive influence on your health.

🔥BODY TO BODY ( 400 SEK included in massage package )
Do you want to feel the softness of the skin and sexy female curves? To be taken over by amazing woman´s moves? Than body to body is an ultimate experience.

🔥KINGS LINGAM (400 SEK included in massage package)
The Kings lingam is a lingam massage worthy of a I put all my focus and energy into giving you experience of a lifetime. I will use tricks and movements that you never experienced before, to bring you to heaven and back.

🔥NURU (600 SEK included in the package)
Name comes from “slippery/smooth”- is an ancient Japanese technique, when masseus rubs her body against the client’s, both parties are nude and covered with massage oil/ gel.
She will get the widest possible physical contact, trigerring strong sensations.
This can bring indescribable feelings of excitement and uplifting going hand in hand with whole body orgasm.



Alcohol or drug consumption is not recommended before or during the session.

I do not provide any sexual services.

Every session starts with an introductionary talk,
sessions also include shower (before and after)

Really looking forward to meet you!

🍀Tel. +46 722880587 🍀 also WhatsApp
When I do not answer the phone, please write a sms, I will write back.


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