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Phone Number: Protect my phone number from spammers & bots

Protect my phone number from spammers & bots

You get spamm calls? Or Robot Calls?
Here are some of the options you can use to try and stop it.

Make sure your phone number on your ad is not listed.
Click this here option.

(remember if your ad was ever online without this option or you are listed on other websites where your number is not hidden, your number may already be in the spammers lists, then you have to do option 2 and 3 below also.)

Then your ad will now look like this (example)

And for visitors to see your number they must complete a security code system provided by google. (example)

Call your phone company and report it. Your phone may be under "TDoS Attack" your phone company is responsible for stopping this! It's IMPORTANT you report it! Then your phone company will block them, and the more people call and complain about it, the more important your phone company will take this matter, and take bigger action to stop and prevent it in future.

Install app to help you Identify, Blocking unwanted numbers and texts.
Here are some apps for you phone you may be able to use... many say is working great..

Truecaller - Android
Mr. Number-Block calls & spam - Android
Nomorobo robocall protection - Android
Hiya - Android

Truecaller - Apple
Robokiller Stop Spam Calls - Apple
Nomorobo robocall protection - Apple
Hiya - Apple

Apple Info:
Apple setup info about blocking apps